August 25, 2008

Summer Fun Day With Friends Pt. 2 - Haggerty's

Skin Dive#:028
Sun August 17, 08
Purpose: have fun with friends
Gear: 5/3 suit, mask, snorkel, boots, gloves
Temp: Air 72 F/Water 65 F?
Enviroment: sunny, 1 -2 ft breaks
Visibilty: 5-8ft
Conditions Synopsis: poor
Sights: giant kelp fish, lobster, kelp crab, opaleye, perch

Time to date: 20 hrs 15 min
Total time this dive: 30 min
Total time: 20 hrs 45 min

Special Notes: After our dip at Christmas Tree Cove we headed over to Haggerty's. We all hiked to the spot from the pved trail by the Yacht Club. We talked about how it's strange that they call it a yacht club even tho there are no actual yachts. On the walk we passed lobster shells strwen in the rocks. Probably shed by the lobsters I explained. The tide was about mid tide and the rocks were slippery as we approached the great Haggerty's wall. I pointed out the pilings and Dave and I went in. I first went in and told him it's worth it even tho the visibility is very bad... I saw a lobster and a crab within the first few minutes. He came in and we swam about. Over the next half hour I tried mercifully to stay above a lobster while I called him over to view it. The waves were rolling in slightly and the view under water changed constantly with rushign blades of eel grass and heavy kelp stalks. I couldn't manage to get him to see a lobster. He said he saw a really cool fish with blades and spines and such... a scorpion or sculpin we decided later. Out here I also so a giant kelp fish, wich wasn't giant at all. I've seen one here before, and now I know what it was exactly... They are yellowish and shaped like a kelp blade. We got out and sat around and then went to eat seafood at Captain Kidd's!


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